Thetford 31121 Bravura Toilet with Water Saver – Low, Parchment


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1 in stock

More features RVers want: cleaner lines – smoother surfaces are easier to keep clean. From the slim base/bowl seam and streamlined seat/lid hinges to the molded-in bumpers on the underside of the seat, Bravura’s surfaces are smoother. Clog-free design – Flush blade moves in a redesigned slot that can’t snag toilet tissue. Higher comfort level built in. The high-profile seat height is 17-1/8″ – most requested by RVers. Larger Seat and Bowl – For more comfort. Deeper Bowl – In both high and low-profile models. Water Saver (optional) – The Water Saver’s mounting bracket can be either screwed to the wall or snapped onto the molded-in clip on Bravura’s side. A universal replacement for any Thetford stool.Dynamic new permanent RV toiletConvenient, single foot-pedal operationPulse flush with near instantaneous, full bowl coverage!Contemporary/stylish lookUltra easy to install, clean and service

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