PullRite 2100 ISR Series Super 5th Fifth Wheel Hitch – 20K

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A larger capacity version of the #1900, the #2100 ISR Super 5th fixed position, rail mounted fifth wheel hitch out-performs the generic, foreign-made industry standard type hitch on the market today. The #2100 is ideal for long bed trucks, but usable with short bed trucks with the right truck/trailer combination for those who don’t mind making a larger turning radius to avoid cab contact. Built from thicker, high quality American steel and equipped with our heavier rated #3601 hitch plate, the #2100 ISR Series Super 5th tows a maximum trailer weight of 20,000 lbs. All ISR Series hitches pin to any industry standard rail, eliminating the need to reinstall and drill additional holes! If you are starting fresh and do not have a towing system yet, be sure to check out PullRite’s Clean Bed Technology! If you have an OE Puck mount system, you can easily convert this hitch or any ISR Series hitch to a puck mounted one.20,000 lb. max gross trailer weight towing capacity / 5,000 lb. max trailer pin weight capacityVertical height adjustment from 16″ to 19″No secondary locking devices to engage means no reaching over high-sided truck beds to get dirtyLocking jaw closes automatically around king pin / Latch handle locks automatically when locking jaws are engagedPrecision, laser cut jaw components cradle the trailer’s king pin 140ยบ for a secure, tight fit

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