Dicor 85D40-21 EPDM Rubber Roofing – 8’6″ x 21′, Dove (Bright White)


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5 in stock

The most technically advanced EPDM rubber roofing product on the market, Dicor EPDM Rubber Roofing assures a watertight, easy-to-maintain roof. Ideal for OEM and aftermarket applications, it has superior tensile strength and tear resistance, making it highly puncture resistant. Plus, Dicor EPDM passes the ASTM 20-year accelerated aging test with no discoloration. It also resists uneven weathering, fading or chalkiness of the installed roofing system. Both reflective and refractive to dangerous UV rays, Brite-Ply saves energy through its heat reflecting characteristics.Is well suited for retrofit installationsWell suited for retrofit installationsFlexes very well, making it fit snugly around corners and adhere readily to bonding agentsEliminates irritating roof rumbleRequires less lifetime maintenance than competing roofing systems

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